Sunday, November 7, 2010

Horror manga

Today's post will be about 6 horror mangas. Today you might find mangas that you might get into. Horror is generally popular and very interesting. I myself am a big fan of horror of any kind. But be warned the contents of these mangas are not for those who can't handle death well. Its horror so expect violence and blood.

The first manga I'll introduce is Bio-Meat: Nectar
This manga is about the future of mankind and the food source. Japan has developed a new living being. Genetically modified it likes to eat anything and everything organic. They say it tastes just like pork. Accidents happen and you can imagine what might happen when beasts like that capable of extremely quick reproduction get loose in Japan.

The next manga is Gyo

Gyo is somewhat popular because of the shark that started attacking the main characters. Its also famous for the bonus manga at the end of the main story. Again mad scientist have done something that gets out of control and regular people find themselves attacked by the creations of brilliant minds.

The next manga is Uzumaki
This manga is all about spirals. People get obsessed with them and get consumed by the spiral in different ways. The storyline is very interesting and the conclusion will make you wonder what does it all mean. Spirals are all around us like it or not. After reading this manga you may develop a fear of spirals if you get too into it. Its basically about a curse on a small town.

The next manga is Kiseijuu
In this manga a group of parasites land on earth and they have a mission to complete. They try to take over the brain of a human. Some parasites have failed in doing so and wont get control over the person. They get stuck in different body parts. The main character has a parasite in his left arm. The parasite in him gets him into adventures and trouble as well.

The next manga is Franken Fran
A daughter of a genius doctor has started her own practice. She helps people and puts them to the test. In the end of the experiment they will know the kind of person they really are and get what they deserve. Sometimes they even get what they don't deserve. Fran can revive the dead and fix the disabled.

The next manga is Abstraction

One shot manga that will make your head explode if you try to make sense of it. A good short read for those who cant be bothered reading a 100 chapter manga.


  1. horror manga is just weird :P , i like it tho thanks for this havent heard of 2 of em

  2. Bug girl made me $#@$ myself. It reminds me of altered states. your blog. I made you blog of the day. Happy Monday!

  3. thanks for sharing! i always look forward to read horror mangas everyday! XD

  4. Kiseijuu [Parasyte] is one of the best mangas I have read.

  5. Do you know what the title of manga of a horror type of fairytail manga by grimm beothers