Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sims 3

Sims is a real life strategy simulator. You get to build your own life in a customizable world.
The official website is HERE.

For those who don't want to spend too much time on earning their way up in life they can use cheat codes. They make life fairly easy for you. Cheats have become a part of all new games. I still recommend playing it without cheats so that you feel like you have accomplished something after hours of game play.

To use cheats:
Press Ctrl+Shift+C and you get the bar where you can enter the cheat codes.
First enter: testingCheatsenabled
To enable cheats.
The cheat codes are:
Display most cheats - help
1,000 more Simoleons - Kaching
50,000 more Simoleons - Motherlode
Ignore the cost when buying a lot in Town Edit mode - freerealestate
View career outfits and service uniforms - unlockOutfits
Toggle objects can be placed anywhere in Buy/Build mode - moveObjects
Return Sims to safe and nuetral state at home - resetSim
Reset lifetime happiness of all Sims in active household - resetlifetimehappiness
Delete any object - Delete object
Force terrain adjustments regardless of objects, Sims, and other structures - constrainFloorElevation
Objects will not snap to slots while holding Alt - disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt
Objects fade when camera gets close to them - fadeObjects
Show talk/thought balloons above Sim's head - hideHeadlineEffects
Print random joke to console - jokePlease
Toggle lot tooltips - displaylotpackagefilename
Toggle "Llamas" warning icons - enablellamas
Slow motion visuals; 0 is normal, 8 is slowest - slowMotionViz


  1. heheh my gf used to play the hell outta this game

  2. holy jesus man, the sims? i remember that shit from eons ago...when dinosaurs roamed the earth :)

  3. Fascinating. I'll have to look up this game for the computer.

  4. i like this game they did such a good job going from 2 to 3

  5. aaah Sims
    this brings back memories

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